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cauliflower soup with curry sunflower seeds

Here in Hamburg/Germany, the winter just returned. So it’s very cold outside and we’ve got a lot of snow. See here:

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winter in hamburg ♥

And because I love soup on cold days and I love cauliflower, I combined both and made a very delicious cauliflower soup. To add a little twist, I made curry sunflower seeds to be served with the soup. Curry and cauliflower really go well together. 🙂


cauliflower soup with curry sunflower seeds ♥

Recipe for 2-3 persons:

1 mid-size cauliflower
vegetable stock
grated nutmeg
3 teaspoons of raw almond paste / cream / butter
2 teaspoons of mild curry powder

curry sunflower seeds:
30 g sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoons mild curry powder
1 teaspoon agave syrup

1. preparation
Wash the cauliflower and break into the little florets. You can cook the stalk as well, because we are going to purée most of the cauliflower later. Put everything in a sauce pan and add water, so that the cauliflower is hardly covered. Add so much vegetable stock that it has a nice taste, but is not too salty. Also add some grated nutmeg. Let everything simmer for about 10 minutes.

2. curry sunflower seeds
Put 1 tablespoon olive oil in a frypan and let it heat up. Add the sunflower seeds and the mild curry powder to the hot oil. Let everything roast gently for about a minute. Add the agave syrup and take the frypan from the stove. Salt everything and let it cool down.

3. soup
After 10 minutes simmering, take out some nice florets of the cauliflower (about 1/5 of the whole cauliflower). Also contain some of the water with vegetable stock, so only half of the cauliflower is covered in water with vegetable stock.
Now purée everything well with a immersion blender. If the soup is too sick add more of the water with vegetable stock and purée again. Add the raw almond paste (makes the soup smooth) and the mild curry powder and stir everything well.
Season the soup with grated nutmeg, salt and pepper and don’t forget to taste.
As a last step, put the florets of the cauliflower back into the soup and let everything boil up for a last time. 🙂

4. perfect finish
Open up the cauliflower soup in a nice dish (I love my baby-blue dish) and finish it with the curry sunflower seeds. If you like add some chives or parsley. Enjoy the NOM NOM.

Tell me how you liked it. 🙂

Bon appétit!


cauliflower soup with curry sunflower seeds ♥

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    Vegan Flavorista
    6. Februar 2013 at 2:31

    This recipe sounds delicious. Warming and tasty! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for posting!

    • Antworten
      jana nom
      6. Februar 2013 at 9:49

      Thank you. I hope you will like me. Tell me thought. 🙂

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