the beginning!

I always thought about writing a blog. But I never did. Why? I just thought everybody does it, so why should I?

The last month, weeks and days I thought about it quite often, so I told myself: just do it! So here I am. 🙂

What I want to write about: things that I dream about, things that I love: food, concerts, books, friends, theatre, fashion and all kind of stuff that I see every day and makes me curious.

I wish you and myself a wonderful time reading and writing and things to dream about.


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    jana nom
    10. November 2012 at 1:44

    Thank you Shahzi, it means a lot to me. And thank you Tina. 🙂

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    Fräulein Tina
    9. November 2012 at 23:39


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    9. November 2012 at 21:02

    so nice, I will read you Jana

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