(Sweet) Woodruff Syrup & Lemonade ❤

erfrischend einfach: waldmeister sirup & limonade | (sweet) woodruff syrup & lemonade (vegan) ❤
erfrischend einfach: waldmeister sirup & limonade | (sweet) woodruff syrup (vegan) ❤

Recipe for about 400 ml woodruff syrup:

500 ml water
200 g sugar
30 g fresh woodruff
1 organic lemon

For woodruff lemonade:
mineral water
some strawberries (washed and cut in slices)

Wash the woodruff stalks and shake them dry. Let them dry for a day to unfold their full flavor. After that twitch off the leaves of the stalks.

Take a midsize pot and put in water and sugar and let it simmer for about 10 minutes until you have clear syrup. Wash the lemon and cut it into slices. Then put the woodruff leaves and the lemon slices into the syrup and let it stand for at least one day.

After one day percolate the syrup through a kitchen towel. Let the syrup boil up and fill up in boiled and disinfected small bottles.

Nach einem Tag den Sirup durch ein Küchentuch durchseihen. Den Waldmeistersirup noch einmal aufkochen und in ausgekochte Fläschchen füllen.

The syrup is durable for about half a year if you store it cool and dark.

For the lemonade: Put about 30 ml syrup in a glass, top with mineral water and put in some strawberry slices!

Bon Appétit! Enjoy this yummy drink!

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