strawberry vanilla snaps ❤

erdbeerschnaps mit vanille | strawberry vanilla snaps (vegan) ❤

Strawberry vanilla snaps:

1 kg strawberries
1 bottle of wodka (700 ml)
ca. 400 ml water
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
2 tsp. bourbon vanilla paste
200-300 g sugar

Wash the strawberries, cut out the stalks and cut them into pieces. Put everything in a big pan, add about 400 ml water. Depending on how sweet the strawberries are, put in sugar. Add vanilla paste and vanilla sugar. Let it boil up and simmer for about 10 minutes. Then puree everything very well.

Put in the wodka, stir well and let it stay for a night. Then fill the snaps into bottles.

It will be good for about two weeks in the fridge, but it will never sticks around that long. 🙂

Enjoy – Bon appétit!

erdbeerschnaps mit vanille | strawberry vanilla snaps (vegan) ❤

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