chocolate whoopie pies ❤

simply yummy: schokoladen whoopie pies | chocolate whoopie pies (vegan)

Recipe for 20 whoopie pies:

For the whoopies:
60 g soft margarine
110 g sugar
110 g brown sugar
1 tbsp. applesauce (or 1 egg)
235 ml plant milk (or just milk)
1 tsp. bourbon vanilla paste*
200 g flour
80 g cocoa powder (for baking)

For the ganache:
110 g cream (e.g. soy cream)
110 g dark chocolate, chopped

Preheat the oven to 190 °C top and bottom heat

Mix the margarine with both sorts of sugar in a big bowl. Put the applesauce in it and mix very well. Then add milk, vanilla, flour and cocoa powder and mix everything until the dough is smooth.

Put small heaps on a baking plate with baking paper with the help of teaspoons and make circles from the mittle so that you have a nice round shape. Bake them for about 10-12 minutes until the dough seems solid. Then let them cool down on a grate.

Boil up the cream for the ganache. Pour it over the chopped chocolate and mix everything to a really nice and smooth mass. Let the ganache cool down.

Now give some of the ganache on one of the scraggly cookie halfs and put the other one on top. Let the ganache cool down a bit as well.

Enjoy this chocolate delight – Bon appétit!

simply yummy: schokoladen whoopie pies | chocolate whoopie pies (vegan)

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